Antioch was shaken by an earthquake of 7.7 magnitude at 04:17 on February 6, 2023. The city on the Antioch Plain came to the point of extinction due to the severity of the earthquake and the weakness of the ground. The earthquake was recorded as one of the heaviest damages in the history of Antioch, the city was known as the ‘City of Civilizations’.

The documentary “Lost in the Darkness” bears witness to what the people of Antioch experienced, felt, lost, and hoped for during the earthquake, while also revealing the devastating effects of the earthquake and the situation of the people who were left without electricity, water, shelter, and food in the rain at night.

Focusing on the tragedy of what happened in Antioch and the resilience of humanity, the documentary invites viewers to closely witness the devastating impact of the earthquake and learn from the experiences of the people of Antioch.