Dust Cloth – Toz Bezi | Showtime: June 11, 2017; 2:45pm 

Toz Bezi / DIR: Ahu Öztürk / Turkey / 2015 / 1:39 min / Language: Turkish with English subtitles


Two cleaning ladies, their relationships with the people whose homes they clean, the conflicts in their daily lives, the hierarchies in their close friendships and family relations, their struggle to cling to life, as well as womanhood and motherhood, housecleaning and poverty…
Shuttling between the destitution and wealth of the city, Nesrin and Hatun try tounderstand life and find a way of their own. As Hatun tries to save up enough money to buy a home in a neighborhood where she cleans houses, Nesrin struggles with the absence of her husband and her own loneliness, while also trying to find a way through life with her five year-old daughter. The paths of these two women may be different, but their companionship is enduring as they cling to disparate dreams.

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Awards and Festivals:

Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Female Actor, 35th Istanbul Film Festival, 2016

66th Internationale Film festpiele Berlin Forum, 2016
28th Ankara Film Festival, 2017
Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, 2017
11th International Female Film Festival Malmo, 2017


Directed by Ahu Öztürk
Featuring : Asiye Dinçsoy, Nazan Kesal, Serra Yılmaz, Didem İnselel, Mehmet Özgür, Asel Yalın, Yusuf Ancu, Gökçe Yanardağ