The life of Ishak (27) passed in one of the villages of a mountain town with its back against the harsh mountains, growing up with 5 of his friends who have different dreams of the future. Although he can’t, he likes the young girl of the village, Sultan (21). Ishak is also interested in music, albeit an amateur. With the appointment of young urban and handsome officer Ali (24) to the village, Ishak falls into a jealousy that he cannot prevent. On a hot summer night, Ali disappears. Was he lost on a hunt, as in the legends of the village? Or do Isaac and his friends have something to do with Ali’s disappearance? 8 years pass, although Ishak and his friends try to forget Ali, nothing will be the same in this quiet mountain town. In this psychological thriller and partly detective story that feeds on local legends, the region and the geography itself will appear as a character.