Black Night / Karanlık Gece

Ishak is a man who lives alone in the Anatolian province and earns his livelihood by playing lute in a night club. One night, he receives an urgent phone call from his village, which he has not visited for a long time. His mother is ill and wishes to see him before dying. Because he had been forced to leave the village seven years ago, İshak returns with all sorts of worries and questions on his mind.
İshak’s return to the village is not well-received—neither his old flame Sultan, nor the village headman, nor İshak’s childhood friends are particularly happy about it. There exists some kind of a secret that everyone wants to sweep under the rug. Everyone hopes that İshak will once again leave the village after his mother’s death. But at her funeral İshak encounters a lonely vagrant by the name of Ferhat. İshak follows Ferhat and as a result meets Sirma, his daughter who every so often comes from the city to visit her father… Ferhat and Sırma are, in fact, the father and sister of the young forestry engineer Ali, who had been appointed to the village seven years ago and who suddenly disappeared; İshak also knew him well. For İshak, this encounter opens up old wounds from seven years ago.
So what happened to Ali seven years ago on “That Night”? And what does İshak know about the incident?

Director :

Özcan Alper

Starring :

Pınar Deniz, Berkay Ateş, Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu

Duration :

114 min

Genre :

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Language :


Awards :

59th Antalya Film Festival (2022) Best film, best scenario
10th Bosphorus Film Festival (2022) Best film, best director, best actor
33rd Ankara Film Festival (2022) Best director, special jury prize, SIYAD best film

Rating :

PG, 19+

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