Don’t Tell Orhan Pamuk That His Novel Snow Is In The Film I made About Kars – Orhan Pamuk’a Söylemeyin Kars’ta
Çektiğim Filmde Kar Romanı da Var | Showtime: June 11, 2017; 1:00pm

Orhan Pamuk’aSöylemeyin Kars’ta Çektiğim Filmde Kar Romanı da Var / DIR: Rıza Sönmez / Turkey / 2016 / 83 min / Language: Turkish with English subtitles

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The Turkish city of Kars is well known as the setting for Orhan Pamuk, the Nobel laureate’s novel, ‘Snow’. Riza Sönmez, a popular actor in Turkey, went to Kars for a film shoot. He met disgruntled locals who claimed that ‘Snow’ in no way reflected life in their city. Their observations inspired him to improvise this docudrama. We meet Kazim, a barber whose walls are covered with photographs of people, streets and objects that are supposed to depict scenes from Pamuk’s novel. We also meet Yüksel, a visually impaired singer who is engaged in a frustrated search for musicians to perform with him at a restaurant.

Sönmez’s debut as a director is a truly original and mildly absurd film experience that playfullyblurs the lines between imagination and reality.



Directed by Rıza Sönmez
Featuring : Yüksel Ermutlu, İsrafil Parlak,  Vildan Atasever, Haydar Koçolu