For Both Of Us – İkimizin Yerine | Showtime: June 11, 2017; 4:45pm

İkimizin Yerine / DIR: Umur Turagay / Turkey / 2016 / 2:06 min / Language: Turkish with English subtitles


Çiçek is trapped in a rural town leading the life her parents want her to lead. But when Doğan, the new and mysterious literature teacher arrives, she quickly falls in love. Try as he may to resist the forbidden love between them, Doğan can’t keep away from Çiçek. How much love can a young heart take? And can this same love heal a wounded man’s heart? Doğan and Çiçek look to one another for the answers. However, love will change not only their future forever, but the family’s, too. This story of an impossible, yet inescapable love challenges the audience to maintain its faith in love and hope when we are caught almost by definition in a web of family bonds, friendships, secrets and lies.


Directed by Umur Turagay
Featuring : Serenay Sarıkaya, Nejat İşler, Zerrin Tekindor