In The Blind Spot / Kör Noktada

A German film team is shooting a documentary in northeastern Turkey. In a remote Kurdish village, they witness an elderly woman performing a recurring ritual to keep the memory of her missing son alive. The Kurdish translator of the German crew is also the nanny of Melek, a 7-year-old Turkish girl. Her father, Zafer, works for a sinister organization and is caught between loyalty to them and fear for his family’s well-being when his daughter appears to be haunted by a mysterious force. The fateful encounter of these people develops a destructive power. IN THE BLIND SPOT unravels a complex net of conspiracy, paranoia and generational trauma.

Director :

Ayşe Polat

Starring :

Ahmet Varlı, Çağla Yurga, Nihan Okutucu, Tudan Ürper, Katja Bürkle, Aziz Çapkurt, Aybi Era

Duration :

118 min

Genre :

Drama, Mystery

Language :

German, Turkish, Kurdish, English

Awards :

42. Istanbul Film Festival (2023) Best film, best scenario, best editing

Rating :

PG, 19+

Trailer :