Zuhal Karataş Kavak

VTFF Festival Director & Film Selection Committee

Zuhal’s passion for theater and the arts emerged in her early school years, driving her to hone her skills in dramatic acting, improvisation, and music. While studying law, she joined the Tiyatromuz Theatre Company, accumulating experience as both an actor and assistant director. Her love for cinema led her to engage in film readings, training sessions, short films, and panel discussions within her university’s cinema club. She has also dedicated herself to the Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival, supporting the event for three terms. Currently, Zuhal is a senior lawyer at Kurt & Partners and works remotely while pursuing an MBA at the University Canada West. She extends her commitment to volunteering in art & culture, sports, and social activities and serves as a board member of the Turkish-Canadian Society in Vancouver. She looks forward to contributing her theater and cinema experience to the upcoming VTFF in 2023, sharing her knowledge and skills.